Amadeus Smith

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    Here I will keep track of what we cover in our mentoring sessions, so that you can always go back and review.

    Here I will keep track of the projects you have completed.

    Primary Project

    I will keep track of your progress. 25%

    You will always have a primary project to work on. This is what will keep you on track to reach your desired musical goals! Usually, the primary project will be a performance project of some sort, but this will depend on your own personal goals as a musician.

    There are many standard project ideas, but the further you go in your training, the more you will be able to develop projects on your own, and follow your own personal style and approach as a musician.

    Secondary Project

    I will keep track of your progress. 25%

    In addition to the primary project, most students will also have a theory or technique project designed to work specific skills related to their primary project. This project is often used by students to explore musical projects besides performance, such as analysis, arrangement, or composition.

    Additional Resources

    There are many places to find content. Here I will post sheet music, videos, links to teaching materials, and other things to help you work through your projects. No matter what you are working on, you will have everything immediately accessible here, to keep you organized and save you the time you need for efficient, focused practice.

    Next Session

    If your package includes mentoring sessions, I will let you know what I think we need to talk about when we next meet.

    Also, here I will often post the next immediate steps you should be working on. If you have e-mailed me with questions, this is also where I will post the answers you need in a timely manner.

    Last Session

    It's also helpful to have a summary of what we talked about last readily available. If you have mentoring sessions as part of your package, I will summarize our last discussion here.