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Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof


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    Accordion 1

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    Accordion 2

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    Scenes and Cues.
    PrologueScene 1: Kitchen of Tevye's HouseScene 2: Exterior of Tevye's HouseScene 3: Tevye's House

    Change of Scene

    If I Were a Rich Man
    End of Scene 2

    Sabbath Prayer
    Change of Scene

    Master Schedule

    Winter Show Dec. 17 6:30pm Monday
    Fiddler on the Roof Trip Feb. 21 9am - 6pm Thursday
    Primary Performance May 10 Friday


    Tevya's Dream

    Miracle of Miracles

    Sabbath Prayer

    Do You Love Me?



    A little bit of this
    A little bit of that.
    A pot,
    A pan,
    A broom,
    A hat.
    Someone should have set a match to this place years ago.
    A bench, a tree.
    So, what's a stove? Or a house?
    People who pass through Anatevka don't even know they've been here.
    A stick of wood. A piece of cloth.
    What do we leave? Nothing much.
    Only Anatevka.
    Anatevka, Anatevka.
    Underfed, overworked Anatevka.
    Where else could Sabbath be so sweet?
    Anatevka, Anatevka.
    Intimate, obstinate Anatevka,
    Where I know everyone I meet.
    Soon I'll be a stranger in a strange new place,
    Searching for an old familiar face
    From Anatevka.
    I belong in Anatevka,
    Tumble-down, work-a-day Anatevka.
    Dear little village, little town of mine
    Come children. Let's leave this place.

    Audio Cues

    2: Opening Scene One

    4: Change to Scene 2

    6: End of Scene 2

    8: Change to Scene 4

    9: Tevye's First Monologue

    10: Tevye's First Monologue End

    12: Street Scene

    13: Perchik and Hodel Dance

    14: Tevye's Second Monologue

    15: Tevye's Second Monologue End

    16: Wedding Introduction

    17: To Life

    24: Miracle of Miracles (Instrumental)

    30: Do You Love Me Karaoke & Lyrics

    36: Anatevka Performance Track


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    Repertoire: 5 First Songs

    Repertoire: Bronze 10
    1. "Mary Had a Little Lamb - C major position."
    2. "Lightly Row - C major position."
    3. "Yankee Doodle - middle C position."
    4. "Old McDonald - middle C position."
    5. "Down in the Valley - middle C position."

    Repertoire: 5 Pieces, Level 1

    1. Ode to Joy (Beethoven)
    2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (French Folk Song)
    3. Jingle Bells
    4. The Cheerful Boy (Turk)
    5. Etude in Staccato (Kohler)

    Repertoire: 5 Pieces, Level 2 and 3

    Repertoire: Bronze 10
    1. Mary Had a Little Lamb.
    2. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (right hand)
    3. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (left hand)
    4. Airplane Ride
    5. Ants
    6. At Bedtime
    7. Let's Dance
    8. Little Chug Boat
    9. Melody
    10. Mexican Hat Song

    Piano Sheet Music by Level

    LEVEL 1

    Allegretto in C Major (Ferdinand Beyer, Op. 101, No. 18)
    Allegretto in C Major (Ferdinand Beyer, Op. 101, No. 20)
    Cheerful Boy, The (Daniel Gottlob Türk, Op. 60, No. 3)
    Etude in Staccato (Louis Kohler, Op. 249, No. 16)
    Jingle Bells
    Lightly Row (Franz Wiedemann)
    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
    Waltz in C Major (Cornelius Gurlitt, Op. 82, No. 18) — YouTube

    LEVEL 2

    The […]

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    First Songs

    Repertoire Project: 10 First Songs

    These songs are arranged for the beginning student with little music experience.

    Click on the name of the song for sheet music.